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Manage your resume flow, save recruiting costs, and take control of your company's hiring process instantly.

Tame the flood of resumes

Email limits your ability to sort candidates by job, highlight keywords in resume attachments, and track the status of each candidate with notes. It also doesn't provide advanced features like parsing of resume contact info and ranking by keyword and location. ResuWe looks like email so it's easy to get started instantly and quickly replace your jobs@email address!

Pinpoint the best applicants quickly

Flooded with resumes? Save time by pinpointing the most viable applicants for each position by keyword ranking and zipcode geolocation. Now you can spend more time reviewing the most qualified applicants instead of sifting through an inbox of resumes.

Resumes view sharp and clear. Matching and non-matching keywords are highlighted based on the job description or a custom boolean string. Clicking on a red matching keyword highlights the word in yellow.

Maximize free and premier resources

Your jobs automatically post to free boards indeed and simplyhired. They are listed from your company and not from a 3rd party. We make it easy for you to post to top pay job boards including Craigslist, Monster, and CareerBuilder. All applicants are automatically tracked by source so you know which job boards provide the best ROI.

Recruit with social media

Each job has it's own unique URL which you can easily use to post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As candidates apply, you can automatically track the source and view a robust Job Analytics Report.

This URL lets you run creative recruiting campaigns. See what works best for you by posting your jobs on social media sites, blogs, industry associations, or any job board imaginable. It's easy for you to measure results and maximize your recruiting ROI.

Enhance your company's career page

We make it easy for you to enhance your company's career page. Our flexible tools allow you multiple hosting options utilizing layers, iframes, widgets, and apply URLs. Applicants follow a fast yet effective apply process which captures their resume, contact info, and cover letter.

Self service and ready to go

See for yourself how fast you get set up and recruiting with ResuWe. You have total control of your company's settings, users, career page, and email notifications.

Your company now has a professional, robust, and collaborative Applicant Tracking System without having to go through webinars, demos, sales calls, training sessions, implementations, or setup fees.

So Much More...

ResuWe enables multiple users throughout your company to work in a collaborative recruiting environment. Hiring Managers and Human Resources recruit together on jobs and share notes on applicants.

ResuWe runs fast and is hosted in the Amazon Cloud Computing network so your data is backed up, secure, and highly available. We're always available if you need support. Our online help pages answer your questions plus provide great recruiting tips and resources for you to recruit ignited!

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